Your Working Thesis and Reasons & Quoting and Paraphrasing Ideas from Sources


Week 5.   

PART A:  Your Working Thesis and reasons

In this discussion, you will share your working thesis and reasons.  Think about the direction that you will take for the case study project and write a post where you:

(1) state your topic/issue.   My topic: language and power

(2) state your working thesis 

(3) list at least three reasons to support your thesis

(4) Write in an academic tone and demonstrate the grammar and writing skills covered in the previous weeks

(5) 250-300 words

     PART B:   Quoting and paraphrasing ideas from sources

In this discussion, you will share one of your reasons and connect it with information from one of the previously assigned readings.  You will also give and receive feedback from your classmates.

Think about the development of your case study and write a post where you:

(1) state one of your reasons in support of your thesis

(2) post a quote from one of the previously assigned readings that you will use as evidence for your reason

(3) paraphrase the quote and explain how the quote relates to your thesis and reason

(4) demonstrate use of quotations, accurate APA in-text citations, and an academic voice

(5) 250-300 words

Sources: My topic: language and power

Assigned Readings:

McWhorter, J. (2012, August 13). Good applicants with bad grammar. New York Times.

Rushkoff, D. (2013, January 30). It’s not just grammar: It’s clear thinking. New York Times.

Haussamen, B. (2012, August 13). What good writing indicates, and doesn’t. New York Times.

Truss, L. (2012, August 13).The harm when schools play down grammar. New York Times.

Challenger, J. (2012, August 13). Consider the candidate and the position. New York Times.


Your Working Thesis and Reasons & Quoting and Paraphrasing Ideas from Sources

                                                           Part A

Language and power

Regarding language and power, the ability to use proper grammar communication sets an individual apart from the rest. Good grammar is very noticeable, and if two individuals with similar qualifications apply for the same open job, the one making grammatical errors will have lower chances of getting the first call. Even though not all jobs require the proper use of grammar and strong communication skills, most prefer them, and many applicants have failed to get the jobs because of poor grammar despite their talents, qualifications, and other skills. Thus, the traditional criteria of using grammar as a factor in the hiring process are still relevant, and those with proper use of grammar at a better position during employment. Even though what one has to say and how they write it are significant, how they spell, format, and use grammar is equally important. From an employers’ perspective, a grammatical error exposes traits about an applicant which keep them from offering the job. They believe that such mistakes are an indicator of many other job-related mistakes in the workplace; thus, they significantly consider proper use of grammar. Therefore, considering language and power, some people in society have an added advantage over others rooted in the proper use of grammar.


An employee with good writing skills is far more promotable and valuable than one who makes grammatical mistakes.


(1) For most employers and organizations, it is essential that their employees exhibit good grammar.

(2) A candidate needs to have good grammatical abilities because they will be perceived as less likely to make other job-related mistakes when they get the job.

 (3) Even though grammar constantly changes due to the influence of social media, it remains relevant for most companies.

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