What is your philosophy of life?


What is your philosophy of life?

Everybody has a philosophy of life. Identify. Identify some of the foundational beliefs that form your philosophy of life using these questions as a guide. Express your ideas as completely and clearly as you can. Think deeply and beyond superficialities and refuse to be satisfied with the first idea that you have.

Are all people entitled to basic human rights? Why? What is justice?


My Philosophy of Life

I believe that everyone in the world is entitled to basic human rights from birth until death. This is regardless of where they are from, how they chose to live their lives, or what they chose to believe.  For everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, or other social differences, basic human rights can never be taken away. This can only happen with only one exception where one is threatening or endangering others’ rights. With everyone enjoying basic human rights, they are ensured values such as independence, fairness, equality, dignity, and respect (Shue, 2020).

Basic human rights should be entitled to everyone because they are essentially what defines us as an individual and a species. It’s what we establish as important to us regardless of where we were born, how much wealth our families imparted on us, or how we grow. For instance, “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” in the US Constitution are what defines the nation’s exceptionalism (Shue, 2020).  Similarly, in society, that’s pretty much what everyone wants. People want to grow up without being wrongly imprisoned, marry the person they love and have a stable and happy future without having to be forced into a certain life to do so. Additionally, as Shue (2020) states, this invites the necessity of a government because it is the only structure capable of ensuring that the rights of its subject are protected but when it fails, the international community should protect these rights globally…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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