The Terrible Teens


Adolescents cognition changes dramatically over the scource of Adolescents. Please explain the 2 different approaches to adolescents thinking (and actions) that are highlighted in the article by Elizabeth kolbert which perspectives makes the most sence to you and why. Be sure to incorporate thoughts from the articles. Source the Terrible teens by Elizabeth Kolbert.


                                   The Terrible Teens

In “The Terrible Teens” by Elizabeth Kolbert, she highlights two approaches to adolescent thinking as pointed out by Frances Jensen and Laurence Steinberg. Jensen and Steinberg try to explain why teens do or engage in stupid or dangerous things.

 At first, Jensen, a mother, and neurologist argue that unlike adults, who have frontal and prefrontal lobes in their brains that help them make better decisions, adolescents lack these parts of the cortex (Kolbert 84). Moreover, Jensen states that the frontal lobes are responsible for different and better self-awareness, planning, and judgment in adulthood. In the brain, they connect the …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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