The Practice of Mindfulness


Step 1: Watch the following TEDx lecture on mindfulness by Diana Winston of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center:

Step 2: Watch ONE of the following two videos (you may, of course, watch both but are only required to watch one): or

Step 3: Write a 2-3 page essay evaluating the use of mindfulness and mindful meditation to reduce stress. What were your impressions of the material presented in the videos? Did the mindfulness videos affect your experience of stress or how you responded to stressful situations? Do you think this approach could would be a useful component of an intervention strategy to help students deal with stress? Why or why not?

For full credit: Text should be double-spaced Font must be Times New Roman, 12 pt All margins must be 1 inch.


                                               The Practice of Mindfulness

As Winston explains in her TEDx lecture on mindfulness, when people are practicing mindfulness, they should focus on and accept their current feelings, surroundings, thoughts, and senses at the instance. Being mindful is living in the present rather than focusing on what happened or what may happen in the future. The material presented in the videos is great and I like the definitions Winston gives of mindfulness that it is “paying attention to present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and willingness to be with what is” (7:39). Many are the times we are not kind to our self because will carried away by things happening in our life thus I agree that people have turned away from their true nature of being present and connected. However, it is interesting that everybody can get back to their present moment through mindful meditation which according to Winston it is simple and can be practiced regardless of where one comes from, their background, or religion (3:04).

The mindfulness videos changed the way I view my experiences of stress and affected my choices of responding to stressful situations in the future. Normally when something stressful has happened to me or am stressed about something in the future such as meeting a deadline or a task is coming that I think is not ready or up to the task I get stressed…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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