The Mind of Odysseus


Your task is to write a 3-5 page essay summarizing our advanced readings.

“Nagy 2013 – The Mind of Odysseus”

First, think about the books of the Iliad or Odyssey covered in your chosen week. Choose one of the major themes, major episodes or characters which interests you, read it and summarize it/them with accuracy and detail (what happened? Why was it or they important to the plot of the poem generally?)  

Second, summarize briefly your understanding of the advanced article (if you are unsure, re-watch the Video lecture)  

Third, using the key terms of the week, show how the figures and events described in your Homeric episode integrate with the argument of the advanced reading. Think about how you believe the Homeric poems (and your section in particular) demonstrate or contain important insight or wisdom for an ancient and/or modern audience.

Features of Your Paper:

Three to five (3-5) typed pages, one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-pt font.

Your name, course, my name, assignment, and date should be in upper left hand corner

Page numbers should be in the bottom right corner only

Original title in plain 12-pt font and centered


                                          The Mind of Odysseus

The major theme highlighted in the episode titled “The Interaction of Noos and Nostos” is the return to life and light.  While sailing home from the yonder lands, Odysseus is contextualized in a boat where he momentarily falls asleep. Even though there are roaring and raging storms, upward curving of the ship, and speeding boat, he cannot perceive any of this due to his deep sleep (Nagy, 2013). Such a perception could not come to a man considered to possess the gods’ knowledge and wisdom. Phaeacian sails Odyssey and the journey is dangerous because it was not commissioned by the authorities (Nagy, 2013). However, despite the lingering dangers in the seawater, Odyssey still manages to fall asleep. This kind of deep sleep is a semblance to death.

Moreover, the deep sleep hindered Odyssey from recalling what he went through on the battlefield. Besides forgetting the painful past, he had met different people along the way as he wandered in foreign lands, but he was still determined to go back home. Nonetheless, as soon as Odyssey is conscious, he begins perceiving his own environment particularly when he sees the stars signaling the beginning of dawn. Moreover, the ship is close to the island, showing that he was home safely. His homecoming is a heroic return, considering that he was rediscovered and almost forgot his homeland’s ways (Nagy, 2013). Falling asleep at night and gaining consciousness at dawn supports the reading’s general theme that delves on Noos and Nostos.

Additionally, the interaction of Noos and Nostos implies Odyssey’s innate self-discovery and his bold decision to go back home. In the foreign lands, he had fought many wars, and he was viewed as a formidable fighter (Nagy, 2013). Besides earning admiration from members of the communities he lived in, he had gained deep respect on the battlefield. However, back at home, Odyssey’s native people almost forgot about his positive position and traits; thus, he decided to return home. He made upon this painful journey after he realized self-redemption and discovered his purpose in life. His homecoming that represents nostos was prompted by the thought of homeland that represents noos. The decision was prudent considering that he was still respected and had positive values highly held within the community.…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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