“The Know-It-All” by Jacobs


After reading The Know-it-All by A.J. Jacobs, write a 3-page reflection paper on what you thought about it. Reflect, critique, and explain the meaning of author and your understanding of the book.


                                    “The Know-It-All” by Jacobs

In the “The Know-It-All,” A. J. Jacobs decides to take a wrist-heavy cause in his own mid-life crisis and chooses to read Encyclopedia Britannica containing 33,000 pages. Jacobs was a journalist and a senior editor at Esquire also set out to become the smartest man in the world despite the ambition not matching well with his skills set.  Therefore, his motivation to read the Encyclopedia Britannica cover by cover came from his urge to attain this goal and fulfill his book contract. Moreover, Jacobs would then write a memoir made up of numerous entries.

According to Jacobs, he realized that he referred to as a “long, slow slide into dumbness” in his duty as a senior editor at Esquire magazine. Working as an editor, he had to make various decisions such as “whether we should run the cleavage shot or the butt shot of the actress of the month,” the useless media responsibility form that could convince almost every one of their own absolute stupidity (Jacobs). Jacobs admits that “I could talk confidently about the doughnut-eating Homer, but I’d forgotten all about the blind guy who wrote long poems.” Therefore, he seemed to have forgotten what he had known about science, history, geography and not patronizing his audience…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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