Sports Society


(Part A) 

  • In Ch. 1 it was explained that sports are “contested activities” and that people sometimes debate and struggle about “Who will participate in sports and under what conditions will their participation occur?” Identify two issues over which people have debated and struggled when it comes to who participates in sports. Make your initial response by Wednesday with 10 sentences 

(Part B) Ch. 3, “Sports and Socialization: Who Plays and What Happens to Them?” Three of the main sections in this chapter are the following: (a) Becoming and staying involved in sports, (b) Changing or ending sport participation, and (c) Participation in sports: what happens? Which of these sections is most relevant to you as you consider the current or future role of sports in your personal or family life? You may also use the supplemental readings to help support your thoughts. Write an initial post of 15 sentences 

(Part C)  As a recreation specialist in your community, you have been asked to reform the existing traditional competitive basketball league for children 10-years-old and younger.   Identify and explain the two primary recommendations that you will make based on research knowledge about children in sports? Write an initial post of 15 sentences 

(Part D)  After reading the material (TEXT AND SUPPLEMENTAL) on deviant over conformity, use your own experience (as an athlete or spectator or friend of an athlete) to identify a form of deviant overconformity in sports. Explain the origins of the deviance and a course of action a coach might take to control this form of deviance among his/her athletes. Write an initial post of at least 25 sentences 


 Sports Society

                                                             Part A

Women’s participation in sports is one source of debate due to multiple reasons. Even though equality in sports is increasing, men have been the main focus of sports for a long time, where they have always received more time, attention, facilities, and equipment than women.  For instance, few people are interested in watching a WNBA game compared to those willing to watch an NBA game. Even though society is pushing for more women’s participation in sports, it still views men as better and superior in sports than women. Another source of debate involves transgender athletes. There is debate whether they should participate in men’s or women’s sports. There are also debates on whether a sex verification test should be conducted to determine which side they should compete. Opponents of such regulations argue that they are discriminatory and unfounded, while proponents view them as a way of ensuring fair competition.

                                                           Part B

The section of this chapter that I relate to most with regard to my personal life is “Changing or Ending Sport Participation.” Reading this chapter, particularly this section, reminds me of my journey in sports, where I participated in four of them from high school through my college career. I found myself in situations where I had to decide whether to continue or stop participating in a given sport or open a new chapter of sports life, especially when my choice was not available in the area or for my age group. ……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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