My Core Values


In this discussion, you will share one of your core values, and you will examine the core values of your classmates.

Select one of your core values and write 1-2 paragraphs where you:

(1) identify the value and explain why it is important to you and

(2) tell how you developed this as a core value.

(3) demonstrate purposeful use of capitalization and use of apostrophes

(4) demonstrate basic sentence and paragraph structure


                                        My Core Values

The core value that I find the most important is commitment. Commitment to me is a blinding pledge that obligates one to carry out a course of action or assume a position. Whether in professional or personal life, being committed is one of the key principles of success.  Commitments are important to me because it influences how I sound, think and act. Instead of carrying out a course of action with a best-shot mentality or halfhearted hope, being committed helps me try harder. Instead of quitting or looking back when I am faced with obstacles, I look for solutions……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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