People go through numerous emotions in their relationships. Sometimes one is a positive mind frame, and in other times one can have negative feelings or be neutral about oneself and one’s partner. When there is conflict, it is important to consider how one speaks or acts towards their partner because certain words or actions can trigger more conflict. Thus, partners in a relationship need to be careful and avoid saying things or doing things that may cause one party or both parties to be offensive, react negatively, or shut down. It is important for one to avoid acting in some way or saying some phrases or words that they know will trigger a conflict or upset their partner. When people speak from the place of anger or from an offensive and defensive perspective, suck negative emotions makes things more challenging and destroys the trust between the two partners (Brannon, 2017).  When such emotional upset happens regularly between partners, it becomes difficult for the relationship to improve, and it slowly ends if they do not come up with a way of being good and nice to one another again.

Studies have found that both men and women are socialized in the way they express various emotions. Regarding gender differences in happiness, women are more likely to express happiness than men, which enhances their ability to form social bonds and appears to be more consistent with the conventional role of women as primary caregivers where men express less happiness, particularly more anger and pride which is consistent with the traditional roles of them as providers and protectors (Garrett-Peters & Fox, 2017). ……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:


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