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Write your two-paragraph post discussing a piece of international business news that came out THAT WEEK (Saturday – Friday) regarding China.

In the first paragraph, discuss a piece of news that come out regarding the country over the course of the week leading up to that Friday. The news source is up to you.

 After the first paragraph where you discuss the piece of news, please write another paragraph analyzing the news source that you used: what is the audience targeted by that news source; can you identify any inherent biases that news source may have (for example: do they have an agenda and if so, what is it; who is their target audience; do they have a particular political leaning; do they express the views of the owner, who is the owner and what are their views; are they pro- or against a particular country or policy issue).

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                                    Friday News of China

In “The New York Times,” Keith Bradsher writes that Chinese companies are dominating the electric cars industry there is a possibility that China will be the leading beneficiary of this technology. The Chinese companies are the largest producers of the essential parts of electric cars; thus, many international companies are following the Chinese road map to develop this technology. For instance, some giant global automakers are developing their electric motors in China, while recently, General Motors (GM) surprisingly announced that in their goal of eliminating diesel and gasoline cars by 2035, they will be guided by Beijing’s road map. Moreover, the Chinese government is determined towards this course, which is evident in its funding and policies. The Chinese policies orders that most of the cars sold in the Chinese 2035’s market should be electric cars. According to Bradsher, today’s China produces more electric cars than the rest of the world combined, and they are the basis of the world shifting t electric cars.  Additionally, China is trying to lead and commercialize this technology where it is already making more advancements in developing ways in which cars can connect to the internet. Therefore, with the Chinese government offering to support companies that make this development, shifting to electric cars now seen as a close reality. With the Chinese government commitment, many Chinese companies are joining towards this shift. It will put China in the driver’s seat in this sector and bring the reality of eliminating diesel and gasoline cars closer. 

Moreover, Bradsher’s news is targeting automobile consumers who are also optimistic about the world shifting to electric cars. Some have already bought electric cars, but issues such as high maintenance, cost, and taking more time to charge have been limiting effectiveness in this cause. However, Bradsher lets the consumers know that the reality is near where the Chinese government leads this shift. Moreover, this article targets governments that should follow the Chinese commitment to developing more electric cars. Showing how the Chinese government is focused on commercializing this technology calls other countries also to support their industries towards this road. Lastly, there is an inherent bias in the information given because it focuses only on the brighter side of electric cars’ development. It also convinces the reader that this sector is growing and it will be a crucial one in the coming years.  Therefore, in the stock market, for instance, it encourages investors towards electric cars sector…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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