Current Issues in the Court


In your paper I would like you to discuss the importance of what happens in the courtroom. What does a felony conviction mean for someone? Were you surprised by anything you read in the readings this week? Then I would like you to discuss the impact of felony convictions on the lives of the people involved in this process. The stigma of a criminal record is something that can impact many aspects of everyday life. But some would ask, what is the alternative? Should we simply stop punishing people for their crimes? Can we lessen the stigma of a criminal record? I would like to hear your thoughts on these questions.You must include citation sfrom an academic source to support your position (it should not be from one of the assigned readings for the class).I will attach the readings just to think about the above questions DO NOT INCLUDE THEM AS A SOURCE.


                             Current Issues in the Court

Some people make one wrong choice that ends affecting them for the rest of their lives. With a felony record, it becomes hard to reintegrate into society because the process faces a variety of obstacles, many of them perpetrated by government policies. After a felony conviction in court, one will be punished for their crime or crimes through serving a community, jail, or prison sentence, but the felony record will haunt them forever (McWilliams & Hunter, 2021). Thus a felony conviction means that one has to carry the stigma in the society, face challenges in acquiring housing, getting a job and generally a limited chance to redeem oneself on the basis of a felony record.

Additionally, the American population with felony convictions are increasing especially for minority groups and surprisingly, the US is becoming even stricter with restrictions and regulations for those convicted of crimes.  For instance, there are many who Americans have lost their right to vote to felony convictions.  The worst part is that laws are often drafted with a limited relationship between the regulation or restriction imposed and the crime committed, thus leading to an inaccurate generalization about offenders. Therefore, considering that the US jails so many people compared to other nations suggest that its punishment practices are not proportional to the crimes committed. Felony convictions have a great impact on one’s life especially through the role played by lifelong stigma based on felony records. Criminal information is available to almost every sector in the US, especially landlords, employers and social workers who tend to disregard their role in effective reintegration of people with criminal records in society…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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