Consent And Debriefing Forms


It is imperative for psychology students to learn how to create informed consent and debriefing forms that adequately state the purpose of studies to the participants in an ethical manner. In your capstone class, it is an expectation that you have a created a consent and debriefing form for your research proposal. It will be beneficial if you create this assignment around the topic you would like to research. Create an informed consent form and a debriefing form that explains the nature and true purpose of the study  See the attached document for a debriefing example. Be sure to cite your sources at the conclusion of the document.  two to four scholarly articles to support your content

PSY-452 Debriefing Statement

A debriefing statement is given to participants after the study is over. It briefly explains the hypothesis and describes what results the experimenters are looking for. If there was any deception in the study, this is where the researcher “comes clean,” and explains how the participants were deceived. Also, the decision to give an apology should be considered since there was a breach of trust between the experimenter and the subjects. Subjects should also be given the principal investigator’s phone number and/ or e-mail address, so that they can obtain a copy of the results of the study when available.


            Thank you for participating in our study. We examined the role of gender differences in humor. You were presented with 10 jokes, 5 in which the “victim” in the punchline was male, and 5 in which the victim was female. Our hypothesis was that men would prefer jokes where the victim was female, and that women would prefer the opposite. If you would like a copy of the results, send a request to Some Professor at The results should be tabulated in about three weeks. Once again, thank you for your time.


                                            Consent And Debriefing Forms

                                                        Consent Form

You’ve been requested to take part in a study. The regulation of unwanted thoughts is the main focus of this research. When you are requested to participate in this study, you have the right to know about its protocols, especially what you are expected to accomplish in order to determine whether or not you want to participate (Ripley et al., 2018). You can ask the researcher to explain any information or word that you don’t understand about the study.  It is entirely up to you whether you participate. Participation will not be charged.  You’ll be asked to do two things specifically thinking about a red snake and attempting not to think about a red snake while talking into a tape recorder about your ongoing thoughts.  It will take two months to finish this study. If you decide not to participate in the study any longer, you may do so at any time without loss of benefits. There is no compensation after participation in this study.  You will also be notified of any new information uncovered throughout the course of the study that may have an impact on your health, willingness to participate or, welfare (Ripley et al., 2018).

I……………..have read this consent form and have received answers to all of my queries. By signing below, I confirm that I am interested in participating in the research.

Participant’s signature 

Subject                                                                                                                        Date

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