Concurrent Disorders and Mental Health


What are some practical ways you could employ to help a client improve their distress tolerance/coping skills?  How could you support the client to try them if they are hesitant or refusing?


                        Concurrent Disorders and Mental Health

To help a client improve their distress tolerance or coping skills, I would focus on pros and cons and ask the client to list the pros and cons of not tolerating distress and of tolerating distress such coping by self-destructive behaviors. This way will help the client to remember the outcomes of not tolerated in the past, and they can imagine how successful they would feel if they would avoid current negative behaviors and distress. Also, when the client evaluates their long-term-m and short-term pros and cons, clients can understand the benefits and usefulness of tolerating or coping with distress and pain, thus mitigating impulsive reactions. Also, by focusing on radical acceptance, I would help the client accept the reality of the situation they experienced. Without trying to fight it or being judgmental, the client will be less vulnerable to distress or prolonged and intense negative feelings…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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