Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: Similarities and Differences


Define Civil Liberties and explain its importance.  Then, define Civil Rights and explain its importance. What, if any, are the similarities and differences between civil liberties and civil rights.  Provide examples for both.  Lastly, what is the role of civil liberties and civil rights for the 21st century?

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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Civil liberties and rights are two distinct terms. Although they are commonly used synonymously and interchangeably, they stand for fundamentally distinct principles.  This paper will define civil liberties and civil rights, outline their similarities and differences and discuss their role for the 21st century. 

At first civil liberties are people’s guaranteed freedoms and rights outlined in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution and are interpreted and inferred by the court through years (Schmidt 1). They include the right to privacy, the right to marry, and the right to free speech. The importance of civil liberties is to prevent people from tyranny and limit the government from violating the rights of individual citizens.

Moreover, civil rights are legal rights that protect individuals from being treated unequally based on various protected characteristics. They are concerned with the basic right of equal treatment regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity (Carbado 306). For instance, every person, no matter the race, has the right to be treated equally by the criminal justice system; thus, police brutality involving excessive force and law enforcement abuse is a civil rights violation. Civil rights are mostly applied in settings such as employment, education, public facility access, and housing. Additionally, they enable individuals to confront the government, individuals, or groups that violate civil liberties and redress their grievances in cases of inequality and discrimination. According to Carbado, civil rights are meant to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority and emphasize equal protection under the law (308).…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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