Flashbulb Memories

Question Expected sources Textbook: Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9 Minimum of 2 outside scholarly articles (recent – 2018 and above) Instructions Flashbulb memories are memories about a specific event that are so vivid it creates a “snapshot” of the event. Examples of well-known flashbulb memory events include the 9/11 attacks, Challenger disaster, and the MLK …

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Evaluating Sources

Question Introduction“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions – but not their own facts.” (Daniel Patrick Moynihan, cited in Vanity Fair, 2010, para. 2) We form opinions – and make our judgments – based on facts we observe and values we hold. Our judgments are also influenced by the opinions of others. In the section …

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We Can, But Dare We?

Question Scenario Please see the below scenario and discuss how you would handle this situation. You are a department of health nurse responding to an epidemic, Virus M22, in your county. As a registered nurse investigator analyzing patient data to discover a trend and treatment options, you are tasked with collecting and analyzing real patient …

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