Benefits of Female Police


A literary review synthesized research paper on the benefits of female police.

2 pages double spaced and a separate reference page with at least 2 references and it has to be done in the APA format.


Benefits of Female Police

Law enforcement agencies and other departments understand the importance of a diverse workforce, but most of their diversity initiatives have focused more on ethnicity or race than gender.  Considering that half the female population has been excluded from careers that they good impact positively and the vast evidence that women have had a huge impact on the policing culture through the set of very helpful skills they bring to the traditionally male-dominated workforce, it can be viewed as a problem when female police make up the minority of the law enforcement workforce despite (Silvestri, 2017). For instance, law enforcement departments increasingly emphasize the use of communication in handling situations that are potentially volatile, an area that women are more skilled compared to their male counterparts. According to Miller and Segal (2019), departments that have emphasized and implement increasing female police have seen some improvement in the way they handle such situations. This paper will discuss the benefits of female police.

At first, female police are skilled at addressing violence against other women and sex crimes. This is one of the most vital ways women can profoundly impact law enforcement and the criminal justice system in general. As Silvestri (2017) states, it is crucial to have more female police because in cases such as sexual assault against a woman, the victim might feel more comfortable talking to a woman about the experience. Therefore, considering the higher rates of sexual assault in women than those in males, female victims might not have that chance because there aren’t enough females working in law enforcement, which affects many cases (Silvestri, 2017). Sexual assault is a very sensitive issue that regularly occurs in the communities, and having female police helps to deal with the victims humanly as well as deliver justice through the information acquired…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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