Asian American Artists


Chang contends that Asian-American artists tended to get overlooked, their careers falling into oblivion. Recovering those almost-lost works, letting them “emerge from the shadows,” demonstrates “that Asian American experiences were an integral part of the social and political fabric of the country.”  (xi)  For what reasons were Asian Americans artists overlooked previously?  Discuss the life and career of two of the artists mentioned by Chang, with particular attention to how their art expressed a sense of the artist’s racial identity.


                                        Asian American Artists

Asian Americans faced discrimination for where before the lifting of the immigration laws, they could not become naturalized American citizens. Therefore, just like the case for other marginalized racial groups, the mainstream American citizens had little respect for Chinese, Japanese, South Asians, Filipinos, and Koreans. As a result, mainstream America could not have viewed Asian Americans as unacceptable members of American life. Like in other aspects of mainstream American society, Asian American artists’ work could not be viewed as “American” …………for help with this or any other assignment contact us via Email Address:

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