Approaches to Insight Therapy



Answer question below:

Which of the main approaches to insight therapy (psychoanalysis, client-centered, and group therapy) do you think is the most reasonable way to deal with psychological problems? Why?

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Approaches to Insight Therapy

Insight therapy is a technique that assumes an individual’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior are out of whack because the individual lacks an understanding about what motivates them and is centered on exploring faulty concepts and beliefs brought forward from an earlier time.  Psychoanalysis, client-centered, and group therapy are the major approaches to insight therapy.  This paper discusses client-centered therapy as the most reasonable approach to insight therapy.

Carl Rodgers developed client-centered therapy, a unique approach that emphasizes and respects the client’s self-determination and agency (Velasquez & Montiel, 2018). Moreover, it is the only approach to insight therapy that the positive regard for the person is completely unconditional. This approach works from…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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