Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, and African Civilizations


4-5 paragraphs.

1..What lasting legacies did the Greek and Roman Empires leave on the world even up to modern times?

Short Answer- 1-2 paragraphs- 15 points each.

2..What were the differences between the Byzantium Empire and the Roman Empire?

3.What is the Great Schism?

4.Compare and contrast 2 different African civilizations


                       Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, and African Civilizations


Ancient Greece and the Roman Empires have played a huge role in what society has become today. The Romans and the Greeks left an everlasting legacy through the structure of government, law, and religion. At first, most of the governments today are modeled after the Roman Republic which was also influenced the ancient Greek views of government. The Romans recorded most of the modern concepts such as veto, the balance of powers, and representation.  The most common and impressive legacy is the separation of governments into the judicial, executive and legislative branches to ensure that none of them is more powerful than the other. In order to protect the new form of government from tyranny, the Roman ended the monarchy by deposing their king in 509 BCE. In Rome, the consuls and the Roman emperor were the executive, the Roman Senate that decreed laws and the assemblies that formulated them were the legislative and the judiciary entailed the judges. Just as the assemblies of the people voted the consuls, the common people vote for their leaders in modern society.

Although the concept of democracy was mostly developed and applied in Rome, its birthplace was Athens, Greece. Ancient Greece has also contributed to the modern world in various sectors especially through the impact of its great philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Socrates on western people who later spread their concepts to the present. For instance, Plato, a student of Socrates influenced Western philosophy through his views of ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology, and his famous writing, “Republic” he shared his views on justice, its role, and relationship to happiness. Plato’s themes are similar to those applied by the Founding Fathers of the US. Thus through its great thinkers, Ancient Greece developed democracy particularly when Athens shifted from a monarchy, advanced to oligarchy, and lastly democracy. Regarding democracy in Ancient Greece, the assembly members who were some adult male citizens through Athens voted on issues. For instance, in order to decide on an issue or to pass a law majority of votes were needed. Similar modified concepts of democracy and government models are still visible in the modern world …………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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