American public administrative reform


The obstacles to American public administrative reform is_______________.  Then, what are 3 reforms that you have learned about from other countries that could provide guidance? 


                             American public administrative reform

American public administrative reform is always trying to revise, revamp and redesign its existing institutions where different leaders have tried various approaches to alter the general organizing principles in which the affairs of the nation should be conducted (Krause & Jin, 2020). However, these deliberate changes to the American public administrative structures and processes with the aim of getting them to function better have to face various obstacles.  

In the US, the main obstacle to the American public administrative reform is the nation’s underlying anti-statist culture which can be regarded as a citizens’ pathological distrust of the government. Most Americans view the government as a threat to their liberties more than they regard it as an executor of their wishes. As a result, Hodgetts (2019) suggests that Americans fail to ensure that the government has adequate authority and resources to execute its job properly. The situation is different in wealthy liberal democracies in Asia and Europe, where the states are more trusted by their citizens as a prosecutor of their interests than in the US. Today distrusts of the government is particularly regarded as a Right but it is also shared by progressives because the job fails to function properly when it is starved of authority and resources…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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